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use our business solutions that make life easier

interaktif grup

to make life easier...
Interaktif Grup provides software, design, data analysis and management, customer relationship management, marketing consulting, and training services.
Each project is an opportunity for us to make a difference, and we strive to offer our customers the best solutions in every aspect.

use our business solutions that make life easier

Our Approach

We have adopted an innovative and pioneering approach. To that end, we use technology and resources effectively, develop strategies, create values, make differences, and give out to the world. We are here to make life easier.

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Our Services

Our services that make life easier and our perspective create even more values than you need.



Enteresan Şeyler© provides creative online and offline design solutions that make you feel like we operate right next to you. UX Analysis, UX Design, motion graphics, game design, web interface, digital design, printing...


Interasate© - web, PC, and mobile-based software solutions that you need in all software development platforms. Websites, mobile applications, social media applications, loyalty and CRM applications, integration, ETL/ELT automatic data management processes, automatic data analysis processes, server management.


Trustdata© provides quick and excellent service in all data management and analysis processes. Data=Trust - an approach that adds value to data. Data matching, data quality, data mining, data deduplication, data enrichment, customer data management, datamart/datawarehouse structures, decision support systems, strategic planning.


Mobintera© allows you to create applications and games that will represent you in mobile platforms. Mobile game design and coding applications for Android and iOS environments.


Enteresan Akademi© provides a different perspective in software, marketing, business and life management training.


pCRM© infrastructure offers you customized and effective direct marketing approaches, operational business management and approaches, loyalty and new customer gains, and brand cooperation. Authorized data management, email sending, email HTML coding, SMS and e-bulletin sending, data analysis, and data enrichment.

Interaktif Grup Solution Centers

İnteraktif Grup consists of integrated teams that specialize in their respective fields and are skilled in analysis, business/application development, and process management.

Interaktif Grup Solution Centers